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Making Money Online

May 17, 2013

How to Make Money Online


Some people think that search engine optimization is all about keywords—I know I used to—but it’s SO much more than that. SEO is about optimizing your site so that the “crawlers” find your site legitimate and relevant. They want to make sure that you’ve got actual users on your site with real backlinks from genuine sources. SEO is about building up your site through other sites with authority, such as .gov or .edu sites, which are considered high authority sites, and sits with high page ranks.  Page rank is one of the many things taken into account when it comes to optimization in addition to Google Index and Alexa Rank and all kinds of other ranks and ratings. So, what’s the secret to getting ranked? Backlinks, hits, conversion rates—conversion from views to subscribers, bounce rate—how many pages a user views before exiting your site—et cetera. There is a whole science to it and knowing is only the first step. I’ll give you a free tip. When using WordPress, which I highly recommend, plugins are an essential part of optimization. Here are a few to use:  All in one SEO Pack, SEO Friendly Images, SEO Slugs, to name a few. These are the only ones with “SEO” in the name that I know of, and you can see how they would be good to use. Without the proper training it can take months, even years to learn all this, but with one of two courses, Empower Network and My Empire Pro, you can easily and effectively dominate the competition. Get started now and learn how to get your site optimized fast and the right way. These are the most relevant, up-to-date courses out there and they both teach you exactly what works and what is new in network marketing.


Becoming a Leader

How to Earn Respect on Your Blog

Blogging is about more than sharing your life with other people and entertaining them. Blogging is about becoming a leader; it’s about connecting with people and cultivating a positive environment to help others grow alongside us. Blogging is all about generating traffic to your site and sharing information that they need to hear, information that people can’t live without, because without that you’ve got nothing, no hits, no subscribers, and no network. It is a business centered around a network of your choosing that empowers everyone involved and brings them to life. The content that you share with your viewers is paramount to your success. So don’t only share information that interests you, but information that people will want to read about. Now I’m not talking about selling out and blogging about things that you don’t care about, in fact if you are writing about something you don’t care about chances are it will show in your writing and people will know you’re not really into it. No what I mean is to writing about what is closest to your heart, even if you’re not sure if people will want to hear about it, but take it to the next level and really research your subject, or delve deeply into whatever your topic is. Take the time to really learn about what you’re writing about because if there one thing you have to be in any business its professional. If your information is weak and lacks integrity no one will want to read it, so go the extra mile and really give it your all when you make posts and pour your heart out to the online community. Do this, and you will have quality traffic and loyal followers who really care about what they’re reading.


Generating Leads

Next after becoming optimized and driving traffic to your site is turning traffic into leads. To do this you must show your integrity and your ability to succeed. No one wants to buy something from a person who can’t prove that they are successful, it’s simple psychology. You must learn to make posts and videos that prove to your viewers that you know exactly how to create a network and make money off of it. One way is to give your viewers free information, such as making posts that will teach them how to earn money like you’re doing, how to optimize their site, or how to become successful, whether its creating a sales funnel, or changing their mindset, what have you, anything you want to share with them for free so that they will see your expertise and want to buy something from you. Generating leads is all about catching your audience’s attention by giving them tips on how to do what you’re doing and then promising them that you can deliver through the validity of the information that you are broadcasting.



How to market online and earn money in 90 days or less. Learning SEO, how to become a leader, and convert traffic into leads and sales. Follow these simple rules and you will be making money in no time. These three things will turn you profits like you’ve never seen before. So click here and you will learn all you need to know about making money online.

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