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Attracting Abundance By Making Decisions and Taking Action

November 7, 2013

A Decision Attracting Abundance The law of attraction is simple: Like attracts like, or, my favorite definition by Abraham-Hicks, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Put simply the law of attraction states, as Wayne Dyer says, “You attract what you are.” When learning and living the law of attraction changing your thoughts is the number one most effective way to attract anything. When you begin to see the way your own thoughts, feelings, and actions have on your life and everything else, self-awareness is not only a necessity, but an imperative. After learning to take control of your behavior, both internally and externally, how do you really begin to see results? By making decisions and taking action. If your life is not where you would like it to be the thinking positively is simply not enough. You have to begin making different decisions and taking different actions to begin manifesting abundance. For instance if you decide right now, in this very moment, that you wi

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